Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Simple Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are stunning, and you want to make sure that you choose the right makeup colors in order to enhance the natural shade of blue of your eyes. These simple makeup tips for blue eyes will help give you that much needed pop so that you will stand out on the prom party.

Different colors will suit your look depending on your environment. If you are going to work or a more corporate and professional type of place, stick with brown, rose, lavender and neutral colored eye shadow. For nights out prom, you can pull off silver, gold, practically any metallic shade, icy pink and turquoise. When selecting an eye liner, opt for navy if you want a less intense but still dramatic look to match your prom dress.

Toning down your lips is another one of the more important makeup tips for blue eyes because you do not want to draw attention away from your eyes with a distracting lip color. Choose a matte lipstick in a peach brown shade, then add a light sweep of blush in a preferably natural hue to your cheeks.

Mascara is the perfect way to make your eyes stand out even more. Dark blue mascara always looks great with blue eyes, especially if you pair it with a smudged eyeliner. You can also do smoky eye makeup using an array of colors, from gray to dark purple. 

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