Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dresses Inspired by Real Prom Party Photos

Bright color prom dresses

Bright color? Pink, peach, red, yellow... a bright color dress will make you outstanding in the dance floor or the photos. How about this pink dress with black sweetheart?

Sweetheart Pink Ball Gown prom dress

Long or Short? Trendy styles or not? in the picture below, all dresses are seems old style or not really good materials, don't they?

trendy style Prom dresses

All long? Maybe you can hold a long prom dresses theme party, in this case, you can see so many styles in long length. What a special photo!

long prom dresses

Which one is your favorite in all these magic long prom dresses? I prefer the leftmost and I think if it can be pink will much more perfect!

Chiffon Sweetheart Pink Long Prom Dress

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