Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ideas for Prom Venues

If your prom committee is down for holding your dance someplace other than the school cafeteria or gym, consider these prom venues. Even if the location seems a little un-prom-like at first, remember that any space can be spruced up with decorations.
Outdoor Pavilion. A covered pavilion at a park or the beach can make for an enchanted evening, just make sure you live in a place where the weather isn't unpredictable. Outdoor prom venues can be risky if you live in a rainy area!
 Outdoor Pavilion
Convention Hall. You might picture concrete and big, empty rooms at the mention of a convention hall, but these spaces are the ultimate blank canvas. If you need the space and are all about decorating, consider it.
 Convention Hall
Historic Landmark or Castle. Pick a scenic and historic location to create a historic evening. Depending on the location, you may only be allowed to decorate minimally.
 Historic Landmark or Castle
Farm. As long as you stay clear of animal stalls, farms with gigantic barns could make pretty memorable prom venues. Throw in a gorgeous landscape backdrop and you've got an ideal photo location, too.
Hotel. No, not Motel 6… think an upscale hotel with a large ballroom and fancy decor that will compliment your formal attire.

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