Thursday, November 28, 2013

How to Pick a Prom Date

Trying to figure out how to pick a date for the prom can seem overwhelming. After all, not only do you have to think of someone you'd like to ask, but you have to learn how to ask this person. However, knowing how to pick a date for the prom doesn't have to be as difficult.The following steps can really help sort through the matter in a time-efficient manner:
  1. Make a list of anyone you would like to have as a date to the prom.
  2. Eliminate anyone you know is not a feasible prom date choice.
  3. Evaluate the remaining options according to important criteria.
  4. Ask your chosen date option.
Taffeta Sweetheart Red A-Line Long Prom Dress
Taffeta Sweetheart Red A-Line Long Prom Dress
Take the names of everyone that you would love to go to the prom with, and write them down in one place. Think of people you may not have considered before, such as an old math partner or friend from another school. Think of what is important to you about prom night, and figure out who on your list would be best for that. For example, prom night can involve a lot of dancing. Is it important to you that the person you go with be a good dancer? If so, figure out who on your list of potential dates fits that criteria best. Narrow down the options to one or two potential dates.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Winter Formal Ideas: Theme, Makeup and Hair

In the middle of planning your school's winter dance? Whether it's a standard winter formal, a Valentine's Day dance or a holiday celebration, you're going to need a theme. Weather Themes: The Snow Ball, Frosted Formal, The Snowcoming Dance, The Big Freeze, Flurries and Frostbite, Winter Wonderland, The Icicle Dance, and The Snowflake Dance are all great places to start for themes. Be creative and combine your favorite wintry words to come up with a unique theme that's all your own! Holiday Themes: Thanksgiving Throwdown, New Year-coming, Gumdrop Gala, The Nutcracker Dance, The Gingerbread Gala, The Sleigh Ball, Peppermint Party, Dark Chocolate Nights, The Merry Mistletoe Dance, Winter Solstice Dance are all fun holiday themes.Valentine's Day Themes: If your winter formal falls in February, it would make sense to use Valentine's Day as the anchor theme. Instead of just naming it The Valentine's Day Dance, try some of these lovely themes: Queen of Hearts Dance, Candy Hearts Dance, Pink and White Semi Formal, Cupid's Arrows Dance, Epic Romances, XOXO Dance.


Natural Makeup and Dark Brows

Dark, Mysterious Eye Liner

Icy Blue Eye Shadow

Nearly Nude Winter Makeup
Winter Dance Makeup Looks: For your winter dance, almost any kind of makeup goes. Play up your natural beauty by using barely-there hues, or highlight your gorgeous lips or sparkling eyes by drawing all the attention towards them.

Smokey Gray Eyes and Peach Lips

Bold Red Lips and Earthy Eye Shadow

Very Berry Lips

Old Hollywood Glamour Makeup
Winter Formal Makeup Ideas: Winter makeup is all about using deep, rich tones. Check out these awesome celebrity inspired looks to wear with your winter formal dress, and you'll be the belle of the ball.


A top knot and bangs

Heighten your bangs with a curl

Taylor Swift

A sleek ponytail and long bangs
Your bangs are cute... but how to wear them for a formal? Taylor Swift has taught us many things... how to write a revenge song, how to rock red lips, and that sparkly dresses are always in season. Now, let her teach us one more thing: the best way to wear a formal updo with bangs.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Magic Prom Makeup

Many girls make sure they have the perfect dress with the perfect shoes and the perfect hair. But in the makeup department, they fall flat. Many girls have no idea how to apply prom night makeup. But it's really not as hard as you might think.
The Smoky Eye
A classic prom night staple, the smoky eye is easy to do and looks great on almost anyone. Use lots of dark eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lots of dark mascara. Make sure you apply the eyeliner close to the lash line and smudge liberally to thicken the line. And wear waterproof mascara! You might be doing a bit of happy crying before the night is over.
 smoky eye
Play with Lip Color
The lip color you wear at prom will vary according to the look you want to achieve, the colors that are currently in style, and how you apply the rest of your makeup. If you decide to go with the smoky eye, opt for a less dramatic lip. Heavy eye makeup paired with heavy lipstick often results in an overly made-up look. However, if you opt for a lighter eye makeup application, go ahead and play up those full red lips. Neutral lips can be achieved with a clear or slightly tinted gloss, or nude shade of lipstick.
 lip color
Play with Shadows
Using different shades of foundation can help you create the illusion of a thinner face, brighter eyes, or perfect nose. Use a light colored eyeshadow or foundation at the inner corners of your eyes to create the illusion of wider spaced eyes. Lightening up this area also help you look more awake. If you have a wide face, try using a slightly darker foundation at the sides of your face. This will create the illusion of a slimmer face.
 Play with shadows
Touch Ups
Heat and humidity on prom night can cause even the most meticulously applied makeup to melt. Make sure that you put all the staples you'll need into your bag before you leave the house. At the very least, make sure you take a pressed powder compact and lipstick. To help your makeup stay put, dust your face with loose powder, and spritz lightly with water to set your look after you've finished applying your makeup.
Touch ups

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ideas for Prom Venues

If your prom committee is down for holding your dance someplace other than the school cafeteria or gym, consider these prom venues. Even if the location seems a little un-prom-like at first, remember that any space can be spruced up with decorations.
Outdoor Pavilion. A covered pavilion at a park or the beach can make for an enchanted evening, just make sure you live in a place where the weather isn't unpredictable. Outdoor prom venues can be risky if you live in a rainy area!
 Outdoor Pavilion
Convention Hall. You might picture concrete and big, empty rooms at the mention of a convention hall, but these spaces are the ultimate blank canvas. If you need the space and are all about decorating, consider it.
 Convention Hall
Historic Landmark or Castle. Pick a scenic and historic location to create a historic evening. Depending on the location, you may only be allowed to decorate minimally.
 Historic Landmark or Castle
Farm. As long as you stay clear of animal stalls, farms with gigantic barns could make pretty memorable prom venues. Throw in a gorgeous landscape backdrop and you've got an ideal photo location, too.
Hotel. No, not Motel 6… think an upscale hotel with a large ballroom and fancy decor that will compliment your formal attire.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Suggestions for Prom Gifts

Receiving prom gifts from your date or even your parents is a fun tradition. Some gifts are traditionally exchanged by prom dates, while others gifts could easily come from a parent who wants to help commemorate the occasion. Gifts don't have to be expensive because "it's the thought that counts." A small gift with the right intention can be even nicer than something expensive. Here are some gift ideas to consider:
Corsage and Flowers
It is customary to give your date a corsage or boutonniere for prom. Most girls opt for wearing a wrist corsage with a flower, while guys wear a single flower (known as a boutonniere) that is pinned on their suit. Guys can also surprise their date by bringing a bouquet of flowers or roses.
Corsage and Flowers
Jewelry can make prom night a special event. Some parents might opt to give their daughter a necklace or earrings. This can be tricky, though, because many girls will have their jewelry all planned out for the evening. If you are giving a necklace or other piece of jewelry as a prom gift, ask ahead what she might like and offer to let her choose.
Renting a Limo
One idea for prom gifts is the gift of experience, such as surprising your date with a limo ride. To do this, don't tell her ahead of time, and pretend that you'll be picking her up in your beat up car or even having an older sibling drive you. This prom gift will definitely be appreciated. You might also consider getting a group of friends together to pitch in on the cost for a limo.
Digital Camera
Parents might find that prom night is the perfect time to give their son or daughter a new camera to take to the dance. This is a great idea, especially if you can spend a few minutes figuring out the settings for darker light and showing him or her ahead of time. A smaller sized camera is the best choice for slipping into a pocket or purse, and a carrying case is helpful.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Prom Dresses in One Style, Different Colors

Although it is at the ending of summer holiday, you still not ignore the new style prom dresses. In the new season, you can pay more attention to prom dresses. Because they represent new trend of the dresses. Now, if you choose one style dress, but you can not decide which color to choose, I suggest you see more different colors of this style dresses. Then comparing these colors, you will find your suitable color.
 prom dress
prom dress

prom dress

prom dress
These new style prom dresses are all have several colors. Each of them have its characteristic. You can choose one color according to your skin color and your personal like. If your skin color is white, you can choose each color you like. While your skin color is deep, you can select bright color. Certainly every girl suits different color, just pay more time to find your suitable color. Dressing properly and beautifully, then you can perform well in your prom night.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

How to Get A Classic Prom Dress

1. Search online. Retailers make gowns that are based on period clothing. If you can afford it, this would be a great source for classic prom gowns.
 prom dress
2. Visit your local fabric store. Find patterns for classic prom dresses or dresses that can be worn to the prom, and make your own. Your gown will not only be made just for you, but one-of-a-kind. If you can't sew, hire someone to make the dress for you.
 prom dress
3. Explore stores that sell vintage clothing. Stores like these specialize in clothing from many eras and clothes from the modern era are in the minority. You should be able to find a wonderful classic prom dress there.
 prom dress
4. Experience the thrill of making your own classic dress from scratch by making your own patterns as well as the gown. Explore costume history books or sites. You will make not only a classic prom dress, but also something that can be passed down from generation to generation.

prom dress

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Best Short Hairstyles for Prom

There is no shortage of glamorous formal-looking updos to inspire. But what about looks for the shorter tressed? Check out some favorite styles we've collected perfect for less lengthy locks.
Dannii Minogue
Before Dannii Minogue was sporting her current pixie, she wore her hair in a cute classic bob. And before the style icon hit a red carpet, she'd always add a little something special to her look, usually opting for a deep side part and big tousled curls.
Dannii Minogue

Hayden Panettiere
Take a tip from Hayden Panettiere and sweep back those shorter tresses. Lots of volume, a hint of curl and hair moved back off the face are the reasons why this style looks so formal. Chances are this wouldn't be your everyday 'do, so do as Hayden does and add some extra oomph with lots of spray and a large-barreled curling iron.
Hayden Panettiere

Kelly Osbourne
Kelly Osbourneshows us another way to style a layered jaw-length cut. Setting hair on hot rollers and then loosening stiff curls with a natural-bristle brush is a simple way to recreate this glamorous look. Run your fingers through the finished style, tousle lightly and spritz your prom-worthy 'do with a little hairspray.
Kelly Osbourne

Kimberly Wyatt
Kimberly Wyatt's piecey pixie is adorable and doesn't feature standard styling. You can get a similar look by directing hair with fingers while blowdrying and then mussing tresses to create volume. A finishing mist of hairspray will also add some additional texture.
Kimberly Wyatt

Brooklyn Decker
Everyone seems to adore a softly layered bob and Brooklyn Decker's 'do is one of the loveliest we've seen. This cut, featuring subtle graduation in back with stepped bangs in the front, is flattering for almost every face shape. Just add a bit of curl and backcombing to dress up this current classic.
Brooklyn Decker

Evan Rachel Wood
Even Rachel Wood's messy directional 'do shows another option for a super-short style. Changing the way the hair moves always makes a look seem fresh. For example, if you wear your bangs covering your forehead, sweep them back or off to the side.
Evan Rachel Wood

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johanssonadded curl to her slightly graduated bob, but only to the center portions of each strand. Leaving the hair straight at the roots and ends added an edgy element that balanced her lacy ultra-feminine dress.
Scarlett Johansson

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Showing Your Style with Chic Hi-lo Prom Dresses

The high low dresses just like something new in the world and spread fast to the whole world. This time, we're excited to show you another universally flattering trend you should try this season. It's high-low prom dresses! If you've never worn a skirt or frock with high-low, now is the perfect time to try.
The beautiful high low formal dresses are really stunning and unique. But someone thinks that this unique style is not fit for the absolute prom occasion. I think it is best for some prom occasions. Don't be stuck in the one style all the time. Try more styles as you can and you will find the most beautiful yourself. This is a great outfit for women to have a try in their prom party.
prom dress

prom dress

prom dress

prom dress

prom dress

prom dress

As one of the new fashionable style, the high low prom dresses are really adored by some young women. Don't be too conservative when you are young and try as many as possible styles. Young juniors and ladies, should show off their curvy body shape and their own personality in their young age. And the beautiful prom style will leave some great and wonderful memories in the rest of their life.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Jovani 2014 Prom Dresses Style

Jovani prom dresses are the perfect choice when you are looking for a night full of deluxe and elegance. However, this prom dress is one of the most costly in the market. As such, it is highly recommended that you make the perfect choice for the special occasion. With this, you will make sure that you get value for your money for that lifetime event.
Try a selection of dresses in different styles and cuts to find what works best for your body. If you have a slim figure, you will look for the style of dress that shows your figure. If you want a long dress, find a dress that is too short for you. It will fit better and fit better and you will adapt to any other place without being too long. Here are some 2014 Jovani prom dresses styles.

Jovani 2014 Prom Dress
 Jovani 2014 Prom Dress
Jovani 2014 Prom Dress
Jovani 2014 Prom Dress
 Jovani 2014 Prom Dress
Jovani 2014 Prom Dress

Buying Jovani Prom dresses is serious business. A good dress can mean the difference between a bad evening and a great one. These dresses come with remarkably elegant designs and colors. However, you have to know how to find the right dress that complements your personality. With the right Jovani prom dress, you will certainly have a prom evening to remember.