Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Choose Best Prom Dress for Your Body Type

Whether you're the girl who looks forward to prom all year long, or the girl who likes to plan the anti-prom party, one thing is for sure: you need an amazing dress. That's where we come in. No matter your body type, shape, or size, there is an amazing dress out there for you.

Hourglass Body Types

Girls with an hourglass body can wear anything. It's a very desired shape, and considered by society to be very pretty. But, while you might have a lot of options, that doesn't mean you can just throw on a sheet and call it a day. You still need to highlight your curves so they don't disappear under a ton of fabric.

Petite Body Types

Show off your tiny shape -- don't hide it! Wolford says, "Long, billowy gowns will make you look like you're drowning and overwhelm your small frame. Keep it short, sweet, and feminine. Petite girls can get lost in fussy floor-length gowns. Another great length for petite girls is a gown just past the knee. Something with a vintage feel, that's easy to dance in.

Pear Body Types

If you have a pear body shape, you definitely want a gown to highlight everything from the waist up. Make sure the bust of the gown is fitted so there is a balance between the upper part of your body and your lower. As for the bottom half of the dress, look for one that flares out into a full skirt. Think of a retro ball gown style with a flirty layered tulle skirt. And since you want to draw attention upward, think of ways to highlight your upper body. Looking for prom dresses with crystals around the neckline, while adds that embellishments, beading, and even a lace overlay work well to play up your best assets.

Apple Body Types

When looking for a dress for an apple body type, aim for one with an empire waist. Girls with apple shapes look great in solid colored empire waist dresses since they accentuate the bust and then flare out below. And because these dresses have a lot of flowing fabric, we recommends looking for a gown that shows off your shoulders and arms with a strapless neckline.

Rectangular Body Types

Girls with a rectangular body type or a boyish figure should look for dresses that create the illusion of curves. Before you reach for a push-up bra or a pair of padded panties, we'd like to suggest another way: looking for a prom dress that cinches in at the waist. You can also create shape with color blocking. Look for a dress with a different color on the top than the bottom, this will help visually break up the torso.

Plus-Size Body Types

Plus-sized girls actually have a lot of options when it comes to dressing their body type. It's all about what your favorite body part is and showcasing it. If you want to hide your stomach, stick with empire waist gown that has a good amount of flow. If you want to hide your arms, go with the embellished sleeves. The options are endless.

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