Monday, October 22, 2012

2012 Fall Nail Innovators

Caviar Nails

Champagne wishes and caviar dreams are no longer restricted to rich and famous lifestyles. Ciate's user-friendly kit comes with everything you need to deck your nails out in 3D pearls. Coat a standout nail in the tiny spheres, or concentrate the wet nail polish in areas before dipping into the caviar to create a fun pattern. Be sure to let the pearls set for at least 15 minutes to ensure minimal fallout.


The letterpress effect may look difficult, but is surprisingly easy to create with The New Black's kit. Simply layer on a nude base coat, and once it dries completely, apply the transfer solution and press the newspaper strip to the wet surface, the text side facing downward. After about 30 seconds, your design should be in place!

Color-Changing Nail Polish

Consider this a mood ring for your nails. The shimmery pewter lacquer transforms into a soft rose gold as soon as the sun hits your digits. Now that's a double-duty manicure.

Sprinkle Top Coat

These guilt-free polishes by Nails Inc. Wear them alone, or layered over any pastel to sweeten the look.

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