Thursday, November 15, 2012

What Is Junior Prom?

If your school has a separate junior prom, it can be a lot of fun to just get together with your friends and have a fun night out. Senior prom may be open only graduating seniors and their guests, and junior prom may be for underclassmen. Going to junior prom can be a lot of fun for teens who have reached the end of their junior year of high school. It is a great excuse to dress up, get together with friends you may not see often enough.

Like the senior prom, the junior prom is all about formal attire. Typically, girls dress up in fancy prom dresses, and guys wear suits or tuxedos. Probably the most nerve-wracking thing about junior prom, or any other school dance for that matter, is finding a date. Lots of teens attend with a group of guy and gal friends, where there are multiple unattached people. This way, everyone gets to enjoy the fun of the prom without the pressure of having to find a date.

Junior prom is a lot of fun and will give you a night full of memories to last the rest of your life. Before the prom, girls might want to go out and get hair and makeup done together or head to one friend's house where there are lots of mirrors and everyone can get ready as a group. For those guys who are dating someone at prom time, this can be a good opportunity to go out to a fancy or romantic restaurant and have a slightly more grown-up date than you're probably used to. It's a good idea to decide beforehand what you want to do after prom. This is especially important if you're dating someone and you're feeling that prom night peer pressure to take your relationship further than you might be comfortable with.

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