Friday, November 2, 2012

How to Plan a Successful Prom

Planning a prom? First, you'll need a group of people you work with, along with the assistance of teachers and other school officials who can offer 'been there' advice to help along the way.

Choose a Location

Find a venue and book it, sometimes as far as a year in advance. Bring a checklist with you to determine the following: How is the venue's sound capability? Can it handle a large band? Is there adequate parking? Are food, decorations and security included? Be sure to get a specific price quote. Some sites will include security, but in most cases you must provide your own.

Entertainment - Very Important!

If you decide on choosing a band, consider at least three. Try and listen to them in person.You can talk to last year's committee and see if they have any suggestions. Choose a versatile band that can play several styles of music. If you decide on using a DJ, confirm what type of sound and lighting equipment is included in the price quote.


The decor choices you make have only one major limiting factor: finances. If your budget allows you to create a virtual movie studio, then by all means go for it. If your budget is more limited, then you must figure out what part of your budget you can spend on decorations and make sure you do not exceed this amount.


Some sites chosen for prom will include security, but in most cases you must provide your own. You could hire a security company or off-duty police officers. Check with the local school board and police officials for guidance in this area.

Waltz Under the Blue Moon
I Believe
Our Treasured Night
Springtime in Paris
Paint the Town Red
Show Me the Meaning
Everything You Want
Never Let You Go
Simply Forever
I will Remember You
Waiting For Tonight
Larger than Life
In the Still of the Night
Big Band

Order invitations, tickets and any extras such as programs about three months before the prom. To cut costs, make your own invitations (for online sources, type "invitation kits" into a search engine) and tickets. Mail invitations and start selling tickets six weeks in advance.

One to three months in advance: Start looking at fashion magazines and stores for the look you want. Begin shopping for your prom dress, shoes, and purse. Once you have chosen your dress, be sure to schedule any necessary alterations. 

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