Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tips of How to Choose Prom Shoes

Choosing prom shoes isn't easy. You've got the dress, and prom is growing ever closer. You want great shoes to accompany your dress, but how do you choose which shoes are best? Before you hit the mall with your hard-earned cash in hand, consider the basic parameters for choosing a stylish, but comfortable pair of prom shoes.

Consider Your Dress
Your dress should play a big role in your decision of which pair of shoes to buy for prom. Generally, it's a good idea to get less glamorous shoes for dresses that have a lot of flashiness or detail, and eye-catching or elaborate shoes for plainer dresses. If you want the shoe to completely match the color of your prom dress, but you can't find the right color, there are a lot of dyeable shoes that you can buy and dye to match what you are looking for.

You are going to be dancing in the prom after all, so it's important to pick shoes in which you can move around easily. So comfort is the most important thing. It doesn't matter how gorgeous your shoes are if you're in pain with each step you take.

Finding the best pair of shoes to match your short dress is very important. Whether you want a pair of flip flops or a pair of high heels,check out what matches your dress the best and shop for those. Be sure that whatever you are getting, they fit well and that you can be comfortable wearing them all night.

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