Wednesday, January 8, 2014

We're Bringing Sexy Back - LBD to Try in Holiday

There's nothing wrong with a pretty pump or a seductive sandal and while they might not be doing much for your back, we can guarantee they will do a ton for your overall look. No pain, no gain, right? Women just haven't been seeing enough black dresses like these, which are every bit as cool as they are classic. With fringe, harnesses, cutouts, or feathers, each one's got something that makes it read "hey, that's awesome" even in two dimensions. Here I make a match collection to offer you some inspiration about your party looks.

LBD match 1

LBD match 2

LBD match 3

LBD match 4

LBD match 5

LBD match 6

LBD match 7

LBD match 8

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