Sunday, September 8, 2013

2014 Prom Dress Hot Trends

How can I find the latest style prom dresses in 2014? Where to buy affordable dresses from online store? How to choice the perfect prom dress on line for your party? How to get prom party dress online? You may have many questions before you search for a dress for your 2014 prom party or the New Year party. Here I want to give you some advices.The fashion trends are always heavily influenced by what is spotted on the red carpet and this year is no exception. Considering what trends we saw picking up steam this year, here is what I think is going to be hot in 2014!

Ladylike Lace Prom Dress
Ladylike Lace Prom Dress

Ladylike Lace. Lacy elements on a dress or gown always add a touch of femininity and have been making a big comeback. Whether it is a complete lace overlay or a high lace neckline, lace is a classy and elegant component for any dress or gown and no longer just being treated as an accent.

Chiffon Sweetheart Green Long Prom Dress

Vibrant Colors. Vibrant and neon hues have always been popular when it comes to pageant and prom dresses. Coral has been one of the most popular, but Mint Green has been gaining momentum. Mint made an impact on the fashion industry a couple years ago and has since made its way into the social occasion industry.

Peplum Skirts Prom Dress
Peplum Skirts Prom Dress

Peplum Skirts. The peplum skirt is a style that looks great on all body types. It is a fun and flirty style that is super cute, sophisticated, and very unique.

Chiffon Sweetheart Black High Low Prom Dress

High-Low Dresses. High-Low Gowns have been around for a few years, and although the girls in the Northeast took to the trend a little later, we think it will be hot this coming season. A high-low style, whether it is the traditional short in the front and long in the back or a mini skirt with a sheer overlay, is a great way to get two looks in one. It is elegant yet sexy and fun at the same time!  These styles are great for a black tie affair or for prom night.

Taylor Swift Red Long High Slit Dress

Sky-High Slits. When it comes to slits, we find that it is either something our clients love or hate. It is definitely a sexy style that is making a comeback and the slits seem to be inching higher and higher.

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