Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Prom Dress Colors That Will Make Your Eyes Pop

Prom 2013 is officially here, and you don't want to get stuck with a look that's totally 2012. So, what trends are hot for formal wear this year? Which dress silhouettes and colors are in?

Strapless White High-Low A-Line Prom Dress

To start, high-low silhouettes and asymmetrical dresses continue to dominate in 2013. Look for gowns with shorter hemlines in the front and on one side to indulge in this trend. Don't forget to sport a killer pair of heels and a cute manicure with this dress... you'll want to show them off!

short one-shoulder prom gowns

One-sleeve or one-shoulder prom gowns are totally fashion-smart for 2013. We saw this trend emerge during the royal wedding in 2011, and it has climbed steadily since Princess Kate donned those gorgeous lace sleeves. So, whether it's a mini cap sleeve on a long gown or a long sequin-adorned sleeve on a fitted mini dress, baring just one shoulder is a guaranteed way to make a statement.

Want to make your eyes absolutely irresistible? So when it's the last dance and your date is gazing into your eyes, they can't look away? Well then, you'd better be wearing a dress color that flatters your eyes color. You can actually bring out certain colors in your eyes and make them appear lighter or darker depending on the hue you're wearing. It's a pretty sweet wardrobe trick that will work for prom and every special occasion.

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