Friday, March 22, 2013

Prom 2013: 5 Trends for Dresses

There are many trends to think about in the up and coming 2013 prom season. A major concern when picking a prom gown may be what's going to be fashionable. Some things to consider would be body type, color, material and where to buy.

As far as fashion is concerned, there are a few things that you must know:

Strapless White High-Low A-Line Prom Dress

1. High Low Dresses and long form-fitting gowns are popular.
2. Patterns, especially animal print, are seen on many dresses.
3. Sparkling, it means sexy, as prom is means graduation, you can have a try to be mature.

Tulle Sweetheart Purple A-Line Long Prom Dress

4. Making sure your gown is strapless is also a fashion necessity, Everyone Loves Strapless!!!
5. When it comes to color, bold or vibrant colors are a must, anyway, keep your prom dress in bright color.
6. Ordering online is a big no: most prom goers would prefer to visit a bridal shop to find their prom dress to ensure they like what they see. But if you are cash-strapped, maybe online shop will your right choice.

What are you seeing in your school? Comment below.

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