Thursday, February 21, 2013

Updos for Prom 2013 to Die For

If you want an updo that's a little less refined, go for something asymmetrical, with teased hair, or with locks that are spilling out all over the place. Blake Lively's messy updo is one of my favorite formal-worthy styles, ever! First a starring roll on Gossip Girl, then the face of Chanel. Blake Lively has made her mark on fashion, and her hair has been a huge part of her success.

Blake Lively

How to Die For:

1. Gather all of your hair at the nape of your neck, but leave some face-framing tendrils in front and right at the peak of your forehead.
2. Start to create a French twist with your hair, but only twist halfway up, and be messy about it.
3. Instead of tucking the ends into the twist, leave them out and wild. Tease your hair and create mini buns and rolls. 4. Use bobby pins to secure pieces randomly on top to create the messy overflow. Use hairspray to secure your creation. Use a curling iron to create gentle waves with the pieces in front.
5. Gently tease the hair right above your forehead (or your long bangs) to create volume. Pin those pieces back into the top of your messy twist to create texture.
6. Also, use bobby pins to tuck the tendrils back and into the sides of your updo. This will create keep the loose look going instead of having your hair slicked back.

crimped updo

If you're into unique hairstyles and want to try something totally textured and different, go for a crimped updo. I love the subtle updo the model above is sporting. All of her hair was crimped before being twisted up into itself at the nape of her neck. She left a few strands of hair out of the updo to frame her face in the front.

cute and flirty updo

A ponytail can also make for a cute and flirty updo... just look at this! I love how the curls cascade down and the face-framing locks on the side.

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