Monday, January 7, 2013

Things to Consider in Choosing Your Prom Dress Color

Colors Can Make or Break Your Style.

Prom is a chance to show of a sense of personal style in a way day-to-day clothing simply can't do, and by choosing the right set of colors for your prom dress and ensemble, you can make not only your figure and your dress look fantastic, but your face, skin and hair as well.

Determine your skin tone.

Before choosing a prom dress color, you must first know your skin tone! Traditionally, skin tones are broken down into two groups - warm and cool undertones. If the white shirt and paper experiment reveals yellow, beige, brown or olive undertones, you're considered to have a warm skin tone. The colors that will be most flattering to you will be tones in the earth tone family, including yellows, reds or browns. On the other hand, if you discover undertones of blue, pink, rose or purple, you're considered to have a cool skin tone. Blues, purples, or greens will best flatter your skin tone. The right metal will make your face appear glowing and healthy, while the wrong color will make your skin look grayish and washed out. Your skin tone probably is the most important factor in determining what dress colors would look best on you. Try different colored dresses while standing in the most natural light possible, and note which ones make your skin look bright and not washed out. If you still can't decide, then think about the clothes in your closet. What color or colors do you wear most often, and what colors are you drawn to when shopping for new items? You know what looks good on you, so use that knowledge to pick your prom dress color.

Find Out Which Season You Are.

Once you've determined whether your skin tone is warm or cool, you'll need to find out which season you are.  Winter colors are stark and vibrant, think of a bare tree against the snow, showing the bright berries underneath, the bouquet colors of spring, the pale shades of summer and the muted colors of autumn are all easy to imagine.

1. WINTER and you look best in cool, vivid, icy colors with blue undertones. Your prom dress could be crimson, purple, grey, black, white, red or shocking pink.
2. SPRING Your colors are clear delicate or bright. You look good in peachy pinks, camel, golden yellow, but for evening, do violet, coral, periwinkle or turquoise.
3. SUMMER and you look best in cool, soft colors with blue undertones. You will look wonderful in mauves, greens, lavenders, pearl grey or roses for evening.
4. AUTUMN You look good in moss greens, golds, oranges and browns, in the daytime, but you will want your dressy night time look a little richer, like periwinkle, teal, jade or russet.

Other Things to Consider.

1. The dress's color can match the colors of the school—if the school's colors are black and white, the dress can be black and white—or the prom dress can match the color of the prom—spring formals can be pink and pastels, ocean themes can be blues and greens, etc.
2. Think ahead to how you can accessorize your prom gown or formal dress. You'll need shoes, jewellery, hose, possibly a hairpiece, a handbag, and other accessories. Be sure the colour and style you choose can be easily matched with other items.

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