Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kristen Stewart on Being Invited to a Prom!

On The Road star Kristen Stewart was all smiles on The Daily Show discussing when she first read the Beat Generation book, her progressive schooling and being invited to a prom. And on being asked if Kristen was able to experience other standard American school institutions, such as prom, she answered: "I kind of got to design my curriculum, somewhat, it was cool. It was independent study." But, she said, "I was invited to a prom at one point. I was like who's going to show up to a prom? The school barely existed!...

Looking effortlessly cool in a striped Beckley dress topped with a Band of Outsiders blazer with the sleeves rolled up, Kristen was happy to talk about the first time she read On The Road and her progressive school, explaining: "I saw On The Road on the reading list as a freshman, that's how I read it for the first time. That probably says something about the school I was going to. I think it's usually a little older, or possibly, not at all."

Watch the complete, uncharacteristically non-awkward segment from Styleite.

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